Should You Outsource Content Writing, Develop Talent In-House, or Both?

APRIL 2018

Quality content is quickly becoming a brand differentiator for businesses trying to compete for online visibility. Companies that are able to maintain a steady stream of great content can capture larger online audiences, earn higher search engine results rankings, position themselves as thought leaders and strengthen the overall performance of their marketing funnel.

The question for businesses, then, isn’t whether they need a content writer, but how they should go about working with one. Hiring a full-time writer (or a stable of writers) as part of your in-house marketing team is one option. Outsourcing the work to various creative agencies or freelancers is another option. Some businesses also choose a mixture of the two.

Deciding which route to go for your own content marketing depends on your goals, how you want to portray your brand online and how those requirements might shift as time goes on.






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